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    NewsPaper is a beautiful and elegant WordPress theme built for content-rich sites. With trending and latest sort features, media rich features, and multiple post layouts, NewsPaper is perfect for blogs that post frequently across multiple categories to engage their readers.

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    A Word From Creators

    One of the main reasons why a web-design so important, is because a good design can mean the difference between a greater website and a mediocre one.

    A design that is welcoming and pleasing to look-at is always going to attract visitors. A poor-design will always repel them.

    Don’t believe us? Look at your web browsing history. Now check which website you spent more time-on – a good looking one or an uglier website that goes beyond its way to make the text unreadable? That’s what I thought.

    Visitors love good designs that make the text look crispy and readable across multiple screen sizes. Have you chosen a design to make your website a hit or turn it into a disaster?

    A legible and attractive design is what the web doctor prescribed, so here we are with an amazing design that will turn visitors away from competition and towards your web.

    Our brand new NewsPaper theme comes with a beautiful authentic design, crisp legibility, amazingly low bounce rate, and very high ad-CTR.

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