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    What are PLR articles?

    • PLR is an acronym for Private Label Rights. PLR refers to a type of license that often grants the right to use the content in any way you like. However, there are variations that limit use in certain ways as defined by the original author. The license applies to various formats including reports, ebooks, articles, graphics, etc. All of the PLR articles available for download on this site are licensed for unrestricted use.
    • The obvious downside to PLR content is the lack of exclusivity. It is often available to many other website owners and perhaps for many months or years. That reality aside, PLR content is still a great resource to save time and money when utilized correctly and mixed with a bit of creativity.

    Guide for utilizing PLR articles

    • Use PLR articles as a starting point to develop your own fresh content. Idea generation is often the hardest part. This option is the most time consuming, but perhaps the best option if time/money is not a primary concern.
    • Utilize a 3rd party with PLR articles as a directional foundation. The key to this approach is a trusted partner to research and develop the premise in the article to create new content. Has the advantage of scalability, but the downside of cost.
    • Utilize a content spinner. These range significantly in the spectrum from Black Hat to White Hat. Depending on your objectives there are some great options.
    • Use the articles as they are. If your objective is only to share the content with your audience then this is a great option. Not advised if SEO is an important objective. Google will not recognize the content as unique.

    Notes regarding the PLR Articles on this site:

    • You can add your name as author. Whether you modify the material or not.
    • You can modify manually or with the use of content spinners.
    • You can give away or sell.
    • You can use for backlinks.
    • Options to retrieve content include copying individual posts and downloading zips of interested categories.
    • Articles vary in size… typically between 500 to 1,000 words each.
    • All articles include Title, Excerpt (summary), and Keywords!
    • Content is generally of high quality and in English. However, reviewing content is advisable.
    • Begin your search by selecting a category on the left.
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