Andare and the Mango Tree: Funny Story from Sri Lanka

    In Sri Lanka, there was a well-known jester named Andare who loved to make people laugh. One day, while walking in a village, he saw a huge mango tree in a garden. Being a big fan of mangoes, he decided to climb the tree to pick some. But as he tried to reach for the ripe mangoes, the owner of the garden caught him in the act.

    The owner was angry and accused Andare of stealing mangoes from his tree. But Andare tried to explain that he was not stealing, but rather trying to pick some mangoes. However, the owner didn’t believe him and threatened to call the police.

    Feeling scared of going to jail, Andare came up with a funny plan. He told the owner that he wasn’t a thief, but he was actually training to become a monkey. The owner was confused and asked Andare how he could become a monkey.

    Andare replied that he was practicing climbing trees so that he could eventually become a monkey and swing from tree to tree. The owner laughed at Andare’s ridiculous explanation and asked him to show his monkey skills.

    Andare climbed the tree again and started jumping from one branch to another, imitating a monkey’s movements. The owner was amused and started to laugh, forgetting about the stolen mangoes.

    Andare then picked some mangoes and gave them to the owner as a gift. The owner was pleased and thanked Andare for making him laugh. He then invited Andare to come back anytime and pick mangoes from the tree.

    From that day on, Andare became known as the “monkey man” in the village. His funny explanation about wanting to become a monkey diffused the tense situation and brought laughter to the owner. Andare’s silly act made people forget about the stolen mangoes, and it showed that humor can make even the most serious people laugh.

    This story teaches us that humor is a powerful tool that can bring people together and make us forget our worries for a little while. Sometimes, all it takes is a silly explanation or a funny act to diffuse a tense situation and bring laughter into our lives.

    In today’s world, we still love to laugh and make people smile. Comedians and other funny people use humor to entertain us and help us forget our problems. Andare’s story reminds us that laughter is important and that a good sense of humor can make even the most difficult situations easier to handle. So the next time you’re feeling down or stressed out, try to find something that makes you laugh. It might just make your day a little brighter.

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