EZ4Short Review: Legit or Scam? – After a Month (With Earning proof)

    Ez4Short is a URL shortener site that pays money to short URLs using their site. They display ads in the intermediate pages, and that’s how they make money for themselves. This is an Ez4Short review of mine after almost a month of use of this platform.

    I am guessing you are here because you have either signed up for this site or you are willing to. When I am signing up, I wish I have this sort of a review to read before I do.

    First Of All, thank you for visiting our site. we have websites with tons of views, so for this study, we have redirected an article with a digital download and used this platform to shorten the URL.

    ez4short homepage

    So, let’s see how this EZ4Short study went? Shall we.

    Is EZ4Short is Scam, this happens to be the most asked question regarding the EZ4Short Review. You can decide for yourself. Read through below.

    Ez4Short Payout rates.

    Ez4short payout rates

    These are the typical payout rates that have been found on most of the URL Shortener’s sites.

    What does Ez4Short Dashboard look like?

    ez4short dahsboard

    As you can see this is my profile by looking at the right top corner, you can see I have registered as Sinhalaguide. On the left side, you can see all the features that this site offers. This is all there is on the ez4short dashboard.

    Ez4Short Earning Proofs for the month of May 2022

    ez4short earning proof may 2022

    As you all can see, I joined the Ez4Short shortener site on the 24th of May, 2022. Since then I have got 11871 views until the end of this month. I have estimated earnings of 46.2012 USD by then. And I have not referred anyone yet, how could I? And my CPM is 3.8927.

    Ez4Short Earning Proofs for the month of June 2022

    ez4short earning proof, views and earnings 2022 payments

    Even until now, I am earning money from a single link, that I have created. You can see the views and earnings.

    Ez4Short Payment proofs or Withdrawal proofs.

    Everything I said seems, very good to be true, eh? Yes, it is. Let’s get into the section where I make my withdrawals.

    ez4short payment proof, withdrawal proof 2022

    I have made 4 withdrawal requests, so far. the first was requested on the 22nd of May. yet, I received nothing, Nada. I still have 8.9USD in the account. I am not even gonna make a withdrawal request. I did not wait for my withdrawals, I tried to contact them.

    They have probably earned money from the thousands of users that I sent from my website. I tried to contact them through the contact form on the site.

    ez4short contact form

    I have sent a ton of emails through the above contact form. I have been ignored left and right. So, apparently, they do not wanna pay the money to publishers.

    I even tried to contact them using the general email address names of any legitimate site. I tried to send emails to [email protected] and [email protected]. And this is what happened when I did so.

    ez4short address not found

    I also see two reviews from Trustpilot, where they have not received any money. Also, these buggers have manipulated reviews, they also have 5-star reviews on some sites. That’s why I thought of joining them, to review them. Also, that’s why I only redirected only 1 article on my site.

    I guess you can now understand whether ez4Short is a Scam or Legit. I have almost lost a potential 65$ for trying to review this site. If you appreciate what I did, comment below and share this post.

    Are there any Good URL Shorteners? – Yes there is, here is the site I am sending most of the users into. Read their Review here.

    Sinhala Guide Verdict: Hell of a SCAM

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