How to Earn 100$+ From Shrinkearn 2022 – Earning Proof

    So, today we are bringing you a way of earning 100$+ using a url shortener known as Shrinkearn. If you want to make money without investing any money, Shrinkearn would be a fantastic way to earn a few dollars every month.

    Read this article till the end, you will find the earning proof that i got for February, 2022. I will also share a screenshot from my paypal account to verify this is legit.

    how shrinkearn url shorteners works
    How it works

    Before further ado, let’s get into how to earn money from Shrinkearn step-by-step.

    Why choose URL Shortners?

    URL shortners need no investments to make money on internet. If you are new to this internet money world, you need to make a few dollars first to step forward.

    Please note that you may need a considerable amount of clicks to earn a good income from this. It is kinda hard to earn 500$+ a month. So, don’t believe iun the posts regarding these.

    I will prove that 100$+ a month is very realistic, so keep on reading.

    Why choose shrinkearn to earn money in  2022
    Why choose shrinkearn

    What is Shrinkearn and is this the best?

    Shrinkearn is a well known URL shortener, i have signed up to atleast 13 URL Shortener sites to see whether these are working.

    And i found Shrinkearn to be the best overall site to earn some decent money. SInce i am from Sri Lanka, like most of my readers are, we do not get a decent rate for 1000 views.

    But in here, i am able to get around 3.50$ per 1000 views from Sri Lanka and all the low tier countries. This is a very decent income if done right for us. You also get very good rates for top tier countries.

    shrinkearn make money payout rates
    Shrinkearn Payout Rates

    Also, note that there are lot of websites that pay more than this, but all these sites have a downside. SItes like Linkvertise, only conisder a view if the user perform a small task, which most of us don’t do. Some other sites do not allow visitors with adblock. Other sites have so many redirections in their landing pages, that makes the user not to reach the destination link.

    How to make money from Shrinkearn in 2022?

    let’s take an example of how this works. You can read more about how url shorteners work from Here.

    I have a link for a file that can be downloadable, or i have a link for a web page that no one knows of, but with more content, or i have a pdf with a set of instructions.

    What we ususally do is, we give out the link as it is. like below.

    This does the trick. But we earn nothing from this. That’s where shrinkearn comes to play. If we have a shrinkearn account, we can copy and paste the link abopve there and get a shortened url. It may looks like this.

    Note: Copy and paste the link from above to see how it looks.

    But if you give this shortened url from shrinkearn to someone, if they access the link successfully, you will earn money. If you can get 1000 successful views a day you can make 3.5$+ a day, which is equivalent to 700LKR. You can get the payments into paypal within 24 hours of requesting money.

    How to Register/Sign Up to

    Go to shrinkearn using this url – (This is a referral link, consider using this link to help us out to make more content, we thank you beforehand)

    When you click on this link above you will be sent to this page.

    Shrinkearn Homepage

    As shown in the image, click on sign up as the arrow is pointed at.

    Once you clicked on sign up, you will be redirected to the page below.

    Shrinkearn Sign Up Page

    Fill in your real details in the above fields in the image. That’s it.

    Shrinkearn Payment Options?

    • PayPal – minimum withdrawal is 5$
    • Skrill – minimum withdrawal is 20$
    • UPI – minimum withdrawal is 5$
    • Bank transfer – minimum withdrawal is 10$
    • Web Money Z – minimum withdrawal is 5$

    Shrinkearn Earning Proof

    As you can see below, this is for the month of February.

    Shrinkearn Earning proof 2022 make money
    Shrinkearn Earning proof

    If there is anything else you need to know comment below. Also watch the youtube below to know more and how to properly do this.

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