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    Maxbounty Hosting:
    Maxbounty is Cost Per Action(CPA) Affiliate Marketing Network. Maxbounty Headquarter is in Ottawa, Ontario Canada and was founded in 2004. Maxbounty launches Maxbounty Hosting on 25 September 2017. Now Maxbounty users can buy a domain and Hosting from Maxbounty and create landing pages and promote their offers. Today I am going to share with you everything you need to know about Maxbounty Hosting.

    Why Maxbounty Hosting:

    If you are an affiliate marketer then you must know the name of Maxbouny. Because Maxbounty is world number #1 best CPA network. Nowadays every single day a new hosting company born. It is very hard to choose a hosting company for your business and for your website. If you own a website then you must know how important is website hosting for your website. How important is hosting uptime for your website?. How important is hosting Because your website goes slow or down then you can lose all of your traffic and viewers. You will also lose your earning as well. When it comes to blogging every single visitor to your website is important.


    Maxbounty also offers Maxbounty Hosting Affiliate Program to its affiliates. Now you can also make money from Joining maxbounty hosting affiliate Program. They started the Hosting Affiliate program which will help you to make money when someone joins maxbounty hosting from your links. They offer to their affiliates $80 for any completed annual hosting purchase and 40% of any other sale that is made. Besides this Maxbounty also offer Maxbounty Hosting Coupons Codes and promo codes.

    Commission Details:

    • Completed annual hosting purchase: ($80.00 per lead).
    • Any sale, except annual hosting purchases: (40% of sale).


    Maxbounty Hosting Provides, Web Hosting,  WordPress Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Shared hosting packages starting from $3.95/month. WordPress hosting packages starting at $5.95/month while cloud hosting starting from 6.95/month.

    Maxbounty Domain Registration

    Maxbount also offers domain registration services as well.

    Domain Registration Features:

    SSL Certificate Included: The good thing when you register a new domain with Maxbounty, they will issue and configure SSL certificate automatically for free.

    Whois Privacy: Maxbounty provides free whois privacy that means you can control how much of your personal information is shared online.

    Domain Renewal: Maxbounty will send you multiple reminder emails once your expiration date gets closer.

    Subdomains: Maxbount will let you create up to 100 subdomains.


    • .com: $8.99/year.
    • .online: $1.49/year.
    • .me: $12.49/year.
    • .co: $2.99/year.


    Maxbounty offering some extra and unique feature that attracts you to buy maxbounty hosting. Today I will give you an overview of Maxbounty hosting and features of Maxbounty hosting.

    • Easy to use CPanel:

    Maxbounty hosting used the CPanel framework that’s why it is easy to use and understand. If you are a newbie to hosting then it is really easy to use. Maxbpounty Hosting gives you access to your cPanel control panel where you can manage every element of your hosting account. Maxbounty Hosting also gives you full control over CPanel that you can upload plugins, files any other scripts that you want to add to cPanel.

    • 1-Click Script Install:

    Maxbounty Hosting also provides you one-click Script and Software installer as well. With the one-click installer, you can easily install your WordPress, Php, Joomla or any other script that you want to add.

    • 4,500 Free Website Templates:

    As we know Maxbounty is CPA Affiliate Marketing Network that’s why Maxbounty provides you up to 4,500 free website templates. If you want to create landing pages for any of your products then you can use these templates to create professional landing pages free. Maxbounty gives you access to use 4500 plus templates to make your website or landing page more beautiful.

    • 24/7/365 Technical Support:

    When it come to CPA Marketing Network they are very good at customer support. They have an affiliate manager to assist you anytime. While the same services they are going to provide for hosting as well. They will provide you Customer support 24 hours a day, 7 Days in a week and 365 days in a year. When it come to technical support you can call them anytime, submit a ticket and they also provide live support 24/7 as well.

    • $100 Yahoo/Bing Credit:

    If you are an affiliate marketer then you must know the importance of $100 Bing/Yahoo credit. Maxbounty also gives you $100 Yahoo/Bing Credit for free. You can use this credit to advertise your business or website on bing.

    • $100 Google Adwords Offer:

    Maxbounty hosting also provides $100 Google Adwords credit for free. You can use this credit to advertise your site on Google. If you are a Maxbounty affiliate then you can also use this credit to promote your campaigns on Google.

    • 9% Uptime Guaranteed:

    Maxbount also provides you with 99.9% uptime.  Maxbounty fast servers will make your website stay active all the time without any downtime. They provide the best and Guaranteed uptime as they promised.

    • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee:

    Here is the best thing that Maxbouty Provide. If you are not satisfied with Maxbounty Hosting then you can refund all of your payment before 30 days. Money-back guarantee service allows you to test maxbounty hosting and check all the services if you thig that Maxbouty doesn’t provide what they promised. You can refund all of your money before 30 days and you will be paid without any question.

    • Server Speed:

    MaxBounty hosting server speed is too good. Right now Maxbounty Hosting ping rate is about 512ms+/-. which is too good and better than any other hosting company.

    • User-Friendly:

    Maxbount Hosting provides user-friendly features. All their features are very optimized and user-friendly. You can access any feature from their dashboard.


    MaxBounty Hosting also provides a few extra and unique features that might attract more buyers.

    • Free Migrations:

    This is the most important service that maxbounty is offering. If you have already hosting and you hosted your website on another web hosting but now you want to move on MaxBounty hosting. Then Maxbounty Hosting expert team will shift your website from old hosting to Maxbounty Hosting for free.

    • Malware Removal and Virus Scanner:

    They also provide free malware removal and virus scanner service for free to their users. Whenever you want to scan any files of your website then they will scan your website and remove viruses from your website.

    • Daily Backups:

    The best thing which I like is that they provide daily backup. You don’t have to worry about losing your data because they provide daily backup services for free. Even If you had to face some problems with your Data been lost you can ask the site Support to Restore your backup.

    • WordPress Experts:

    When it comes to CPA affiliate Marketing we all know Maxbounty hire top Affiliate managers who are always here to help you. They also hire Hosting Experts as well, who are ready to help you anytime.

    • Enhanced Security:

    They also provide enhanced Security that you have SSH Access, Hotlink Protection, and IP Blocker. These security services help your website with hacking and unusual access.

    • Reliability:

    They also provide multiple layers of network security that means your site never goes down. They ensure maximize server reliability.


    Maxbounty provides cheap hosting with more benefits and more services. I do RECOMMEND Maxbounty hosting. If you are a maxbounty affiliate then this service is best for you. Because you will also get free Affiliate marketing templates that you can use for your campaigns.


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