Finasteride in Sri Lanka – Guide on Buying, Effects & Other

    Hello fellow Sri Lankans! Dealing with hair loss? You’re not alone. Let’s talk about a buzzworthy solution – Finasteride. But, here’s the catch – it’s not officially on the shelves here, not approved for sale by the health department. So, how are we getting our hands on it? Let’s dive into the details. How effective is it? Is it good for male pattern baldness? How does it work in our climate? What is Fen-1? Where can i buy Fen-1? so, lets get answers to this? You can read the finasteride 1mg in sri lanka in Sinhala, using our app.

    Why do you need Finasteride?

    So, let’s break it down – Finasteride, it’s like this superhero medication that steps in to prevent the production of a troublemaker called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Now, why does that matter? Well, DHT is like the mastermind behind male pattern baldness (MPB). It messes with our hair follicles, causing them to thin out and bail on us.

    Now, here’s the thing – some folks use Finasteride not just for the hair loss gig but also as a bit of an anti-androgen (AA). But, hold up, it’s not the go-to choice for those with super high testosterone levels. There are other heavy-hitting anti-androgens that pack a stronger punch in that department.

    If you’re cruising along with average T levels but DHT is causing chaos, that’s where Finasteride swoops in to save the day. It’s like the cool sidekick that takes down the bad guy at the root of the problem. So, for those of us with a DHT issue rather than crazy high T, Finasteride can be a pretty useful ally in the battle against hair loss.

    finasteride use case in sri lanka in sinhala

    What is Fen-1

    Fen-1 is a widely sought-after Finasteride 1 mg variant in Sri Lanka, recognized for its effectiveness in tackling hair loss. However, users might encounter scarcity in local pharmacies. To secure Fen-1, consider checking neighboring areas, consulting healthcare professionals, or exploring reputable online options.

    fen1 sinasteride 1mg sri lanka sinhala

    Where can i buy Fen1 or (Finasteride 1mg) in Sri Lanka

    Union Chemist in Kalubowila, City Pharmacy in Galle, Care Pharmacy in Panadura or Horana and also has more stocks as of now. You can also contact our facebook page for more info. we have tried a lot of places in Sri Lanka to find it, but it was very scarce.

    How much does Finasteride 1mg cost in Sri Lanka

    Fen -1 cost around 55-60 Rupees per a tablet and you have to take 1 tablet per a day for as long as you need the baldness to pause.

    What are the other brands to fen-1

        Finax 1mg Tablet 30'S - Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
            Indication: Hair Loss
            Manufacturer: Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd
            MRP: ₹313.75
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹313.75 * 4 = 1255 LKR
        Finalo 1mg Tablet 10'S - Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
            Indication: Hair Loss
            Manufacturer: Intas Pharmaceuticals Ltd
            MRP: ₹60.00
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹60.00 * 4 = 240 LKR
        Finabald 1mg Tablet 10'S - East West Pharma
            Indication: Hair Loss
            Manufacturer: East West Pharma
            MRP: ₹64.90
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹64.90 * 4 = 259.60 LKR
        Curlzfin 1mg Tablet 10'S - Canixa Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
            Indication: Bladder And Prostate Disorders
            Manufacturer: Canixa Life Sciences Pvt Ltd
            MRP: ₹79.00
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹79.00 * 4 = 316 LKR
            Indication: Hair Loss
            Manufacturer: KAIZEN RESEARCH LABS INDIA PVT LTD
            MRP: ₹49.00
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹49.00 * 4 = 196 LKR
        FINARISE 1mg Tablet 10's - Innovative Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
            Indication: Bladder And Prostate Disorders
            Manufacturer: Innovative Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd
            MRP: ₹49.50
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹49.50 * 4 = 198 LKR
        Finpecia 1mg Tablet 15'S - Cipla Ltd
            Indication: Hair Loss
            Manufacturer: Cipla Ltd
            MRP: ₹133.23
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹133.23 * 4 = 532.92 LKR
            Indication: Hair Loss
            MRP: ₹67.90
            Equivalent in LKR: ₹67.90 * 4 = 271.60 LKR

    you can not buy these in sri lanka, you will have to import these from India. This is incase you could not find it in Sri Lanka.

    Fen-1 User testimonials (for anonymity, we have named the individual as Sam)

    Meet Sam, a 25-year-old male who has experienced a remarkable transformation in his battle against hair loss. Sam shares, “Earlier, I was losing 5-10 strands of hair every time I brushed. Now, it’s down to just 1-2 strands! No side effects, no loss of libido or arousal. It’s like a miracle!” Sam combines Finasteride with Minoxidil, applying 1 ml twice a day. He emphasizes the importance of consistency and patience for the best results.

    Sam highlights an interesting phase during Minoxidil use – shedding in the first 1-2 months. According to his research, Minoxidil accelerates the life cycle of unhealthy hair strands, causing them to shed quickly. This paves the way for the growth of new, healthier hair follicles. Sam suggests persisting with the combo for at least 6 months to witness noticeable results. Some also incorporate Nizoral/Ketoconazole shampoo into their routine for added benefits.

    Do you need prescriptions for Finasteride 1mg in Sri Lanka.

    Yes, it is a prescribed drug. For a prescription you can contact our facebook page, so we can direct you to someone.

    Sexual Dysfunction after Finasteride 1mg

    In our findings, the side effects are very rare. The writer of this article is also using them for about 2 years hence the article. below is another user experience.

    I've been taking Finasteride regularly, one pill every other day, and it appears to have halted the progression of my hair loss, which is a positive outcome. I've noticed a change in the consistency of my semen, but when I skip 2 or 3 doses, it returns to normal. This doesn't worry me too much. It's reassuring to see the medication having a positive impact, and if there are any concerns or questions, I'll be sure to discuss them with my healthcare provider. It's essential to maintain open communication to ensure the best balance for my specific needs.

    Finasteride 1mg for Women

    While Finasteride has long been approved for treating male pattern baldness, its use for female pattern baldness hasn’t gained approval. It’s crucial to note that Finasteride is generally not recommended for women, and prescriptions for them are extremely rare. Due to the lack of approval and potential risks, it’s advised against for women seeking hair loss treatment. Alternative approaches or medications may be considered, and it’s essential for women to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized advice on addressing hair loss concerns.

    How to make your Hair regrow

    The first step is to stop the hair loss, hence the finasteride. The next effective way to improve hair growth is Minoxidil. Let’s dive into that in another article.

    So, Fen1 is in our findings, very very effective in stopping Male pattern baldness and hair thinning, you can see the results in 2-3 months. Some may even see thickening of hair and hair volume increase after 3-4 months. But there is 5% of you getting side effects that are related to sexual activity, maybe in volume, thickness of semen and so on.

    SO, if you and your partner are trying to get pregnant, we would recommend you to stop the medication about 3 months before you are trying. the hair fall will resume in that period, but again you can start back whenever you need. Always consult a healthcare professional.

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