Unplanned Pregnancy – Abortion Guide in Sri Lanka (2024)

    Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be challenging, especially in Sri Lanka, where abortion is illegal. This post aims to help individuals understand potential options during such times. Please note, this information is for educational purposes only, and it’s crucial to consult healthcare professionals for personalized advice.

    Confirming the Unplanned pregnancy

    First of all, try using various brands of pregnancy tests over two to four days to check if you’re pregnant or if there might be another reason for your situation.

    There are three ways to consider for an abortion:

    Roadside Pharmacies for MTP Kits:

    You can buy MTP kits (abortion pills) from roadside pharmacies, especially in areas where foreigners live. However, it’s not recommended. The pills are often smuggled, posing significant safety risks such as expired, improperly stored, or incorrect pills. Additionally, these pills are usually marked up at high prices, reaching up to 80k for an MTP strip.

    Private Hospitals for Safe Medical Abortions:

    Some private hospitals like Ninewells, Asiri, or Hemas offer safe medical abortions. However, this process can be secretive, and it tends to be quite expensive. Access might be easier if you know someone working in these hospitals. Smaller clinics may also provide abortions at a lower cost (around 1-2 lakhs), but their safety standards may be uncertain.

    Traveling to Nepal or Cambodia:

    A recommended method is traveling to Nepal or Cambodia, where Visa on arrival is available. Both countries offer legal and safe abortion options. In these nations, you can undergo the procedure in a secure private hospital under medical supervision. Despite flight costs, it tends to be more economical than opting for an unsafe and illegal abortion in Sri Lanka.

    In Nepal, where there's a visa on arrival for visitors, flights are approximately $330 for a round trip. Notably, abortion is legal and safe here. Individuals above the age of 16 don't require permission from a husband or guardian. Marie Stopes offers affordable services, and small medical clinics also provide safe abortions under the supervision of medical practitioners. It is emphasized that opting for legal avenues in countries like Nepal is safer than risking expired or incorrect pills from the grey market. This information serves as an additional consideration for those exploring options outside Sri Lanka.

    Marie Stopes, a prominent global abortion provider, operates clinics in Nepal and Cambodia. Feedback about their clinics in Nepal has been positive, indicating a reputation for providing quality services. However, information about their clinics in Cambodia remains uncertain.

    An additional option some individuals explore is traveling to Moldova in Europe, where an eVisa is required. It’s worth noting that this option comes with drawbacks – it can be expensive, and the journey involves a lengthy flight. It’s essential to weigh these factors when considering Moldova as a potential choice for obtaining abortion services.

    Something to note on Misoprostol

    There are abortion pills called Misoprostol! But I think it’s illegal to get them without a prescription but as far as I’ve heard, pharmacies have it, if you have any open minded doctor friend, maybe they can give you a prescription for Misoprostol
    You can also contact ( +94 011 4380 292 And if you need help finding pills it can be found here:
    If you need anymore help, check the comments under this post:

    Our Advice on Abortion

    It is advised to search on Google for more up-to-date information. Contrary to the perception that abortion with the pill is a straightforward process, it involves significant challenges such as heavy bleeding and stomach cramps persisting for several days. Having emotional support from someone trusted, be it parents, a partner, or a friend, is essential during this time.

    Legally, there haven’t been reports of individuals in Sri Lanka facing persecution for undergoing an abortion. However, if complications arise, seeking prompt medical treatment in a hospital is crucial. It’s important to note that imprisonment is not a likely consequence.

    For more detailed information, the Instagram account @bakamoonolk has an “Abortion” highlight. It’s recommended to explore this highlight, although it’s worth noting that the information might be from a few years ago, so scrolling a bit to the right in the highlights list may be necessary. - Confidential and impartial

    For educational consultation you may contact sinhala guide facebook page.

    Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in a place where abortion is illegal, like Sri Lanka, is hard. This post aims to provide insights for educational purposes only. Encourage them to reach out to healthcare professionals, friends, or family for support. Their well-being is vital, and making informed decisions is crucial.

    This post isn’t a replacement for professional advice. Always encourage them to consult with healthcare professionals for personalized guidance.

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