How To “Find Your First Tweet” Within 30 Seconds in 2020

    It is a fun thing to do, finding your first tweet. Let’s see the steps to do this task on a Smartphone or PC. In less than a minute you will find your first tweet or someone else’s. No matter what, all you need is an internet connection.

    You don’t have to go through plenty of processing like “Twitter advanced search” and whatnot. Follow these easy steps and you are done. If you like this article, Please share.

    How To “Find Your First Tweet” Within 30 Seconds

    Step 1. Go to Twitter and Find the handle of the twitter account as below. No matter who it is. Copy the twitter handle.

    Jack “CouRage” Dunlop
@CouRageJD 2020

    Step 2. Go to this website and Paste it as below. Once done, Click on Search.

    firs tweet search 2020

    Step 3. Voila, You have found the first tweet of that handle. In this way you can find your first tweet within seconds.

    find your first tweet

    Please note that this search engine works 90% of the time. You can search for any of your friends, colleague’s or your spouse’s first tweet. But finding the first tweet of celebrities going to be a little hard. If this works for you, comment below.

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