Earn Money by Sharing Files on the Internet via Shrinkearn

    A lot of people asks me How to earn money from file uploading specially shrinkearn. Because Earning money from a URL shortener is one of the best and easiest ways of earning money online.

    There are so much reasons behind to tell this method is the best method of earning because it doesn’t require any specific skills or investment. Only you have to promote some shorten links and get clicks on it to and the website will turn these clicks in to money.

    But there is a huge problem in earning from a link shortener like You have to bring a considerable amount of clicks on your links which is not actually an easy task.

    If you do not know the correct way. hang on and read until the end of this post and you will understand an easy logic to overcome this.

    What is Shrinkearn? is a URL shortener which transforms any long URL into a shorten one. For shortening URLs from shrinkearn, they pays you a commission which shrinkearn earns from showing ads between long URL and shorten URL. It’s a bit technical, so we don’t have to go there.

    All you need to know is whenever someone comes through the links that you have shorten via shrinkearn, you will be making money.

    Why choose from other competitors?

    I have mentioned few bulletin points below for you to easily understand. I have personally tested this and got a withdrawal, hence i am writing this review.

    • It pays $ 15-20 for every 1000 clicks or visits
    • For asian countries such as ours, it still pays 3.5$-4$ per 1000 clicks, which is very impressive.
    • Easy to use and user-friendly beginner interface for users.
    • 20-25% referral commission.
    • 1-day withdrawal payment.
    • All payment options are available (bank transfer only for Indian users).
    • The best CPM overall compared to other websites.

    What are the payment options and Payment limits?

    • PayPal minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
    • Skrill minimum withdrawal limit is 20$
    • UPI minimum withdrawal limit is 5$
    • Bank transfer is the only available for Indian and minimum withdrawal limit is 10$
    • Web Money Z minimum withdrawal limit is 5$

    Earning Proof of as of November 2, 2021.

    shrinkearn earning proof 2021 file upload earn money proofing

    As you can see above, i have taken a withdrawal from on 2nd of November 2021. It is not much because all these earnings are from a single link. I have only made this account so i can make sure this website works before telling you guys about it.

    If you can put some thoughts and work a little harder in social media, you might be easily able to make 10$ a day.

    How do I register?

    Click on here, It is a referral link. If this post if helpful, you can help me by going through this referral link and registering. I have created a Youtube Video , Watch it so you can know the ways of sharing these links so they can get viral.

    Share this to help a friend and kindly comment below if this is helpful. Refer a friend of yours and earn money. Have a good day and stay safe.

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