Earning Money Via URL Shortener in 2022 – Everything to know about

    Today we are going to talk about something called a URL shortener or link shortener. This is one of the easiest ways to make money online without any expert knowledge. So most Internet users tend to use these URL shorteners to make a quick buck.

    URL shorteners are a website tool that can be used to shorten any given URL. In doing so they would make money out of our Links. Let’s talk about how these websites are literally making money from our links. First of all, we should know that these websites offer you a part of their earnings from your URLs.

    How do these websites make money?

    Earning Money Via link Shortener

    Let’s take an example and try to understand what is a URL shortener, how they work, and how can we benefit from these platforms.

    For example, let’s say I have a website and I have a link to a digital product that I am giving away to my users for free. Let’s say, that the digital product, I am giving away for free is a PDF. Let’s take an example below. Here is a URL that i took from my own site.

    Now let’s go to a URL shortness website and we can see a tool where we can paste the above link and get a shortened URL. For example, let me copy the above download link and paste it on this website. Once I did paste and click on shorten Link, they are going to give me a shortened URL. (This is how the above URL looks when shortened)
    Earning Money Via URL Shortener in 2022 - Everything to know about
    Pasting the above URL on this Link Shortener site
    Earning Money Via link Shortener in 2022 2023
    This is how the Shortened URL looks like

    Now when I paste this link on my site instead of the above URL I will be earning money whenever someone clicks through this link and reach the destination link.

    So this all seems to be very hard to believe why do you have to pay us money for shortening URL. No that is the tricky part. When we click on their URL we are not directed to a download link, we are redirected to their landing page and on their landing page, there are ADs, banners and other means of monetization enabled. So whoever clicks on our shorten URL on our website will go to their landing page and they will be earning from our users. That’s how they earn money from other users and they are paying us an incentive since they are our users. They keep a portion of the money, hence they monetized these users.

    I hope you understand how this URL-shortening system works. Now there are a few questions that I had when I started using these URL shorteners, so let us look at them one by one.

    Does every click on this URL will earn me money?

    No, your users do not get counted if they have an ad block active on their browser. Also, they do not accept link data coming from VPN services. And also they have other criteria that have to be met to consider a link or as they call it a hit. to be Valid.

    How much are they paying?

    This differs from website to website but the majority of the website pay much more when it comes to high-tier countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Greenland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand,…etc. and they also pay all the other countries but they’re not very high. Usually, for the worldwide, they will pay you from 2$ to 5$ per thousand views.

    What are their payment methods?

    They pay mostly via PayPal, Payeer, Payoneer, cryptocurrency, wire transfers, and much more. This also differs from website to website.

    Does this URL shortness affect my website health?

    To know more on this matter click here.

    I hope I answered most of your questions regarding URL shorteners, if you want my recommendation on the best URL shorteners you can click here this is my favorite Link Shortener and you will find my earnings, withdrawal proofs, and everything regarding this particular website.

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