How To Make Money With NFTs Without Investment

    NFTs have taken the world by storm right now and everyone wants a piece of the NFT world. From grand celebrities to huge companies to just regular folks like us, everyone is talking about how to make money off of this 21st century golden duck.

    Ways To Make Money With NFTs Without Investment:

    There’s actually more than one way to make money with NFT without any investment though and that’s what I will be sharing with you in this answer.

    What is NFT?

    NFTs are non-fungible tokens or essentially digital assets that hold value so similar to how physical art is considered a valued investment. This is through a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger using blockchain to establish proof of ownership.

    People have been making millions off of these non-fungible tokens with and without investment.

    Content Creation on NFTs:

    what i am going to dive into today is, something a little bit different and, before i reveal what that is! Let me give you a hint they say that one secret to wealth is by shifting your mindset from consumer to producer.

    This is the part that I want you to focus on. I want to teach you the business model where-in during a gold rush such as this one instead of joining the miners as they dig for gold, selling shovels is actually the surest way to make money. Now obviously, this is the metaphor for present day NFTs.

    However, did you know that in the real gold rush of 1848 a man named Samuel Brannan was actually the first millionaire from the gold rush and he made his money not by mining gold but by capitalizing on what he knew miners would need. He sold them picks shovels and pants. True story guys!!!

    So keeping with the metaphor while cashing in on gold that you find during the goldrush would be fantastic selling picks and shovels will generate steady revenue streams for you month after month after month. So. how do you do this? Well it’s actually really simple because you already know that people are talking about and searching for NFTs then you can look at it as some sort of modern day gold rush to make money from. I mean despite it being around for some time already you’ll see that NFT keywords are still being searched on an upward trend.

    You might want to take a look at the actual keyword that people are searching for and if you type in NFTs you’ll see that it still gets millions of searches each month and that the competition is really low and you know that when the competition is low for a hot topic just like NFTs then the opportunity to gain eyeballs and attentions and subscribers is huge.

    In fact on the youtube search bar, you can simply type in NFT space and youtube will already tell you what people are actively searching for about that particular topic. So instead of buying and selling NFTs, what you can do to make money off of them without any cost to you is to start creating content about the subject start getting some attention and building a following and making real money from it. Again, this is how instead of mining the gold which is what most of the world is doing you sell the shovels by producing the content about what they want to listen to. This doesn’t have to be just about NFTs this can be about any trending topic that’s highly searched for which you can be a part of before or when it blows up.

    When you take it seriously you’ll start making some real money and instead of spending money investing in things to keep up with the trends. You can invest in yourself by building an audience building a following that you can actually monetize and that will allow you to earn money passively and steadily.

    Content creation is best way to earn money from NFTs without an investment!!!

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