‘Travel Guide to Ella from Colombo’ – Train Times, Tickets, Places and Accomodation

    A lot of people are interested in traveling to Ella. Many have requested a description of a trip to Ella, so let’s go! There are two ways to get to Ella that most people prefer. Many prefer to go by train. But if you wish, you can also go by bus. I’m saying that the train is a good way for those with a low budget because the ticket prices are low.

    Here’s the train timetable from Colombo to EllaπŸ‘‡

    β­• Departure from Colombo.
    AM 5.30 – Ella Odyssey
    AM 5.55 – Podi Manike
    AM 8.30 – Udarata Manike
    AM 9.45
    PM 8.30 – Night Mail
    Normally, this is a journey of more than 10 hours.

    β­• Ticket prices are as followsπŸ‘‡
    Ella odyssey train – Tourist train
    1st Class – 5000 LKR
    2nd Class – 4000 LKR
    3rd Class – 3000 LKR

    Ticket prices for other trains
    1st Class – 2800 LKR
    2nd Class – 1800 LKR
    3rd Class – 1300 LKR

    Normal ticket prices for other trains
    2nd Class – 900 LKR
    3rd Class – 440 LKR

    There are also sleeper berths in the night mail, and the prices may vary. If you’re someone who loves to see the beauty of the environment, it’s best to take a morning train. But if you want a different kind of experience, you can take the night mail. It’s an amazing experience to ride in the cool air in the middle of the night. I can’t explain the feeling of riding in an unusual engine with two engines set.

    If you’re taking a morning train, you’ll get to Ella after 4 PM. So you won’t have much time to explore. It’s best to go straight to the hotel and spend the night, then start exploring the next day. If you’re taking the night mail, you’ll arrive at Ella around 7 AM and can start exploring.

    Places to visit in Ella😍
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Ella Rock
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Kitalella Waterfall
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Nine Arch Bridge
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Little Adams Peak, Flying Rawana
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Ravana Waterfall
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Ravana Cave
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Nil Diya Pokuna
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Demodara Railway Loop
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Demodara Nine Arches Bridge

    If you wish, you can also visit the places around Wellawaya.

    If you are coming in the night mail, I have a little plan to share. After arriving in Ella, go straight to Ella Rock and climb it early in the morning. Then go to Kitalella waterfall and from there hike to Demodara. During the hike, visit Nine Archers and Demodara railway loop, then take the night mail back to Colombo.

    Here are some budget-friendly places to stay in Ella.
    πŸ“ŒοΈ Ella Ostella Hostel & Cottage
    β­• Package Details
    βœ… Rs. 1500/= BB, PP (Maximum 12 pax)
    βœ… Couple Cottage – Rs. 3500/= BB per Couple

    πŸ“ŒοΈ Sisil View Ella
    This is located near the Nine Archers View.
    β­• Package Details
    βœ… LKR 2250/- BB | PP
    πŸ“ž 0742345499

    πŸ“ŒοΈ Astral zone cottage
    This is a great place to stop just a stone’s throw from the station.
    β­• Package Details
    βœ… LKR 3500/- Per couple
    πŸ“ž 0770665108

    If you want to explore Ella by Tuk Tuk, here’s a number you can call: 0703372315 Manjula.

    I’ve added a more detailed note about the train schedule and ticket prices in the photos. I think this will be useful for your trip. So have a great trip!

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