Travel Guide to Jaffna from Colombo

    You have the chance to visit Jaffna from Colombo by train starting from the past 15th. This is for those who love to travel by train to Jaffna.

    The train leaves quickly, so don’t delay. They say the train departs on time compared to the previous year.

    The train ticket prices are as follows:
    ✅4077 Yaldevi
    1st class Booking seats = 144 ( 2800 LKR )
    2nd class Booking seats = 100 ( 1900 LKR )
    ✅ 4017 Vavuniya Intercity Train
    1st class Booking seats = 104 ( 3200 LKR )
    2nd class Booking seats = 64 ( 2500 LKR )
    3rd class Booking seats = 90 ( 1800 LKR )
    ✅ 4089 Jaffna Night mail Train
    1st class Booking seats = 144 ( 3200 LKR )
    2nd class Booking seats = 100 ( 2200 LKR )

    You can book seats 30 days in advance. You can book through online methods or at your local main train station.
    In addition to booking, you can also travel by regular ticket.

    Here are some places you can stop:
    ✅ The convenience of stopping at the Jaffna train station (must be booked in advance)
    Here is the contact number for Jaffna station
    📞 021-2222271
    Price – Double AC room 2500 LKR
    ✅ Naga Vihara Rest House
    Contact number 📞 021-2222014
    Price AC room 3500 LKR (for 4 pax)

    You can hire a van directly from the station, but it’s better to book one in advance if you’re going. Otherwise, there are three-wheelers and buses available, but not very frequently.
    ✅ Motor bicycle / Scooty Rent
    Yarl Hostel – 0777204847
    ✅ Vans Rent
    Yarl Tours 0777903090

    Here are some places you can eat:
    ✅ There is a vegetarian hotel in Naga Vihara where everyone can eat
    ✅ There is a Lanka Hotel near the Naga Vihara Hotel, where you can find breakfast, lunch, Italian, Idiyappam, and Fried rice at affordable prices.
    ✅ For breakfast, you can go to Malayam cafe in town, which has a unique taste.
    ✅ In Kankesanthurai, the food at the Tal Sevana Restaurant is really good. If not, if you need something to eat in a hurry, you can go to the Saiwar shop near the Kankesanthurai station for some great fried rice (if not, there are no good shops nearby)
    ✅ In Jaffna, since you often have to buy water from the shop, take a water bottle with you.

    I will add to the photos below the places you can visit in Jaffna. You can arrange your tour according to Google map and time management.

    So, definitely take this experience. Come with care. When traveling by train and at tourist locations, take care to keep your surroundings clean.

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