Basic Tips to Increase The CPC of Adsense to Earn More

    Getting more visitors will drive more CPC to your Adsense. If you focus on getting high CPC then you can earn a reasonable amount of money from your Adsense website. Below are some basic tips to increase the CPC of Adsense to earn more.

    This article is very important if you are from a developing country such as Sri Lanka since the RPM is very low, here are few tips for you to increase the CPC of Adsense to earn more.

    Selecting a Website Niche

    Select the right niche for your website. Recent days the niche related to web development, web programming, internet, and online marketing, SEO, gaming, and finance are considered as high paying because CPC for keywords from these niches is good.

    When you decided to earn from Google AdSense you need to concentrate on selecting the website niche that should either is everlasting or provide consistent income chances for a long time. The niche you selected for your website will decide the level of earning from your Google AdSense ads monthly.

    How Much Does Adsense Pay Per 1000 Views

    Use Money Giving Keywords

    Create a list of all possible and profitable keyword terms or phrases that related to your niche and using them in your blog posts.

    Keyword research is the basic and must-do step in internet marketing and affiliate marketing that is also the same for CPC. Tips for performing best keyword research are

    Check your competitor’s keywords. The easy and best way to increase the CTR AdSense is to discover the keywords used by the high earning websites in your niche. There are tools to check the keywords that are ranking for a website. I use SEMrush for this. It can actually help to find out the best and highest ranking keywords from any niche.

    Increase The CPC of Adsense best keywords

    Creating Attractive Ad

    Your headline of the ad, description, and URL are the 3 important factors that give high CTR. So make sure your ad has

    A commanding headline,
    Powerful URL 
    An SEO friendly description.

    Ad placement is also the key to get high CTR.

    The place where your ads are added to your blog design also an important factor in increasing your AdSense CTR and CPC.

    Why Search Engine Optimization is Important (SEO)

    Viewers Regions also affects the AdSense CPC

    When discussing CTR for Google Adsense ads your visitor’s geometric location also matters. A click from US location provides you $1 to $5 as CPC sometimes even more. Asian location clicks will give you $0.01 to $1 per click.

    You should concentrate to get clicks from US locations to earn more from Google Adsense.

    Even if you are in Sri Lanka, you can create a website that is targeted for the Canadian audience.

    If you find creating such a well-mannered site and doing SEO for your website is difficult, hire Upniche who is an online niche selling company that has more than 10 years of experience in SEO also. You can get the best SEO services from them with cost-effective plans.

    Increasing CPC of Adsense will provide a considerable increase in your payout.

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